lex taylor

is a designer, artist and illustrator who specializes in front-end web development, information architecture and user experience. Lex has managed several major web initiatives for Bellevue Hospital and NYU that deal with online publications and content management systems. He holds a masters degree from NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP). When Lex is not nerding out in the digital realm he enjoys the pleasures of the analog world such as his aeroponic gardening, camping, leathersmithing, metalwork, and carpentry.

jay mccord

is a Brooklyn-based coder, designer and developer whose focus centers on website interface design. Jay's scope of engagement ranges from the visual to the functional and his expertise is in executing the integration of the two. His tool set includes such technology components as HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery, AJAX and MySQL and he has master skills in custom Wordpress installation and development. Keeping abreast of current web trends and leveraging web-related frameworks, Jay champions the creation of relevant, flexible, well-crafted web designs.